1. Laser Cutting Services:
Engineering Bazar will provide you with the best laser Cutting
Services at minimum cost and various material with various

2. VMC Services
From micro-machined parts that are measured in microns to
work pieces weighing up to 2000 kg., Engineering Bazar vertical
machining centers are creating the parts that matter with
precision, accuracy, repeatability and surface finishes that
virtually eliminate bench work.

3. CNC Services:
Engineering Bazar will provide you various CNC machining
process at one stop with assured quality.

4. Gear and Spline Cutting Manufacturing Services:
Engineering bazar will provide you with all types of Gear
manufacturing in various materials.

5. Heat Treatment Services:
Engineering bazar can provide you with wide range of Heat
Treatment processes on various materials and fulfilling your
heat treatment need.

6. CNC Bending Services:
Engineering Bazar has excellent facility of innovative and cost-
effective CNC bending Solution.

7. Material Testing Services:
Engineering Bazar provides various material testing facilities
with NABL accredited test certificate.

8. Casting Services:
Engineering Bazar can provide various casting processes like
sand casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, Investment
casting & other.

9. Forging Services:
Engineering Bazar can provide forging services for small parts.

10. Tool Room Work:
Tool room is the backbone of our organization where the
various types of conventional machining processes are done.